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Scheduling Agreement Sales in SAP: A Comprehensive Guide

If you work in a manufacturing or supply chain company, you might have come across the term scheduling agreement. It is an important aspect of sales and distribution in SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products). In this article, we will discuss scheduling agreement sales in SAP and how it works.

What is a Scheduling Agreement in SAP?

A scheduling agreement is a long-term outline agreement between a vendor and a customer. It defines the terms and conditions for the delivery of goods or services. The agreement contains details such as the schedule of deliveries, delivery quantities, and delivery dates. The scheduling agreement is a binding contract that facilitates smooth procurement and distribution operations.

Types of Scheduling Agreements

There are two types of scheduling agreements in SAP: scheduling agreement with release documentation and scheduling agreement without release documentation.

1. Scheduling Agreement with Release Documentation: In this type of scheduling agreement, a purchase order is created when the delivery is due. The scheduling agreement contains a delivery schedule, but the vendor only delivers on the dates specified in the purchase order.

2. Scheduling Agreement without Release Documentation: This type of scheduling agreement does not require the creation of a purchase order. The vendor can deliver the products or services directly according to the schedule mentioned in the agreement.

How to Create a Scheduling Agreement Sales Order?

You can create a scheduling agreement sales order in SAP using the following steps:

1. Access the SAP Easy Access menu and click on Sales and Distribution.

2. Select Sales Order > Create > Scheduling Agreement.

3. Enter the customer name and scheduling agreement type.

4. Enter the validity period for the scheduling agreement and the delivery dates.

5. Enter the material number, quantity, and unit of measure. You can also assign prices to the items.

6. Click on Save.

How to Monitor Scheduling Agreement Sales Orders?

You can monitor the scheduling agreement sales orders using the following steps:

1. Access the SAP Easy Access menu and click on Sales and Distribution.

2. Select Sales Order > Display > Schedule Agreement.

3. Enter the scheduling agreement number and click on Display.

4. You can view the delivery schedule, delivery quantities, and delivery dates.

Scheduling agreement sales in SAP is an important aspect of the sales and distribution process. It helps in streamlining the procurement and distribution operations and ensures that the delivery of goods or services is done on time. With the steps mentioned above, you can create and monitor scheduling agreement sales orders in SAP with ease.

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