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You can also download a CSV by clicking on the download button at the top right of the page, which contains your tester`s first name, last name and email address. Data points such as status, meetings and crashes are not included. The name of the account holder for your bank account must not match the name of the corporation for your agreement. (You can send email invitations to testers who have not yet accepted.) The user must accept the updated terms and conditions. Provides email notifications with updates to consent status. For example, warnings about the expiry of the contract or requests for additional information from you to finalize your agreement establishment. If you don`t use our services on a device that doesn`t have Apple, you may not be able to access all the features or types of content. The terms and conditions of this Agreement regarding unavailable content functions or types do not apply to you. If you decide to access our services from an Apple device, you agree that all terms of the agreement apply to your use on such a device. In addition, some services may require, directly or suggest, that you use third-party devices in certain circumstances and/or for specific activities; this use is subject to the conditions of these devices and must be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer`s instructions. Once your app is approved, you can request promotional codes that will be distributed to users before making your app available on the App Store. You can distribute promotional codes by email or otherwise, and the user enters the promotional code when purchasing the app.

In the Country or Regions section, select each country or region in which you want to apply your custom license agreement. Enter your app`s test information, z.B. a description and email of comments. You need it if you want to distribute your construction to external testers (people outside your team). You must have the administrator or finance to view agreements, taxes and banking transactions, but only the user of the account holder can sign an agreement. You must have the roles of administrator and finance to be able to also provide tax, banking and contact information. To enable push notifications for customer reviews: To offer in-app purchases, you must sign an agreement on paid apps in App Store Connect. For more information, see agreements, taxes and bank details.

Note: If you have testers that have been added both by email or through a public link, first select the type of invitation you want to remove the tester from.

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