Non-Compete Agreement Enforceability Oklahoma


[…] In an article a few months ago, I wrote about how Oklahoma law categorically invalidates competition bans. Oklahoma has made a public decision that, with a few exceptions, does not […] The court granted the company`s request for a TRO and found that Acosta would probably prevail in the case of its claims. He decided that Autry should be prohibited from using confidential Acosta information and trying to hire Acosta employees. The relevant part of the tro for Autry`s call was that it prohibited it from advertising “directly” to certain Acosta customers who were on a customer list from 2016 onwards. The court argued that it could simply remove the word “indirect” from Autry`s debauchery prohibition agreement and that it would be enforceable. Autry appealed adopted this part of the TRO. ==The Supreme Court eventually overturned Howard`s decision because the Oklahoma court had failed to comply with the arbitration provision of the agreement in question and remained uncertain about the applicability of the anti-raiding provisions under Oklahoma law. The next task in this article is to precisely define, using the last two instructions, when the effect of this document will take place. Only one of these declarations may be chosen to provide a definitive event that sets these conditions on the addressee.

Choose the first declaration to define the effective date as the date of performance of this Agreement, or choose the second declaration to designate the termination of the recipient`s relationship with the entity as the beginning of validity. Q: Can competition bans be imposed in Oklahoma? An employer who has invested its resources in training an employee and has shared confidential information with the employee still has the opportunity to protect itself. A strong employment contract, which protects confidential information and trade secrets, contributes significantly to protecting an employer`s interests. If you have questions about Oklahoma`s competition bans from a worker or employer perspective, you can email me or give me a call. I have worked with both employers and workers, so I understand the problems on both sides. A: In most cases, an employer presents key employees with a non-compete agreement where the employer will use the skills and information they learned during their employment to help a future employer gain an advantage in the marketplace. . . .

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