Written Bonus Agreement


You are entitled to a withholding bonus up to [premium amount], subject to the conditions described below. Half of this amount will only be paid to you if you are still employed by [company name] on the first anniversary of the reference date. The second half of this amount will only be paid to you if you are still employed by [company name] on the second anniversary of the financial statements. Both amounts will be paid to you in the next appropriate billing cycle after the birthdays. (c) If you are terminated for a particular reason before the end of this agreement, you are required to repay theearned withholding bonus. This agreement must not be amended, amended or amended, except by collective agreement between [company name] and you in writing. (b) If, for some reason or other reason, you terminate at any time prior to the expiry of the [company name] agreement, you are required to return within 60 days any portion of the withholding bonus that has been paid to you up to that date on [company name]. If you. B Terminate this agreement after 18 months, you are required to refund [company name] for the first half of the withholding bonus you received six months earlier. (a) If [company name] terminates your employment before this contract expires, [Company name] is required to pay you only the amount until that date.

For example, if [company name] terminates your employment 18 months after the start of this agreement, you deserve an annual salary and all the benefits related to the [company name] activity for that year. In addition, you won the first half of the conservation bonus (at the 12-month mark). You earned half the salary for an additional year; However, no fraction of a deduction bonus is paid, although you worked six months in the second of the two agreed years. Each arbitration is managed by the American Arbitration Association according to its commercial arbitration rules. [Company name] is liable for all arbitration costs and each party will bear its own costs. You are used as a [position title] and devote your best professional efforts, time and skills to the tasks initially performed under your current job description. They continue to report [insert a prudential position]. Your deliberate involvement in unlawful behavior or gross misconduct. [Company name] cannot maintain sufficient tax capacity to maintain your job. The validity, interpretation and enforcement of this Agreement are in all respects governed by the relevant laws of that state.

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