T Mobile Us Cellular Agreement


We use video optimization technology to stream on our network, which also helps ensure that available network capacity can be used to provide a good service experience for as many customers as possible. Optimization technology is designed to manage the use of data on the network, reduce the risk of video and buffer shutdowns on mobile devices, and reduce the amount of data used for video streaming, allowing other users to enjoy greater speed and a better network experience. Video optimization only applies to data streams that our packet core network identifies as video or where the video provider has created video self-optimization protocols. While many changes to the video file stream are probably not visible, the optimization process can affect the appearance of streaming video as displayed on a user`s device. In some cases, video optimization can also identify and process video file downloads as if they were real-time video streams. However, T-Mobile offers content providers the option to opt for a protocol to identify video downloads and ensure they are not treated as streaming video. Customers can have rate plans in which video optimization is provided in DVD quality (up to 1.5 Mbps of speeds, usually 480p), with the ability to add a feature to provide video streams at speeds providing HD video functions (usually 1080p). Alternatively, customers may have rate plans that offer video optimization as a customer-controlled function (z.B “Binge On”) to enable or disable VIDEO optimization in DVD quality. Some qualified video providers may opt for the Binge On program, see list to www.t-mobile.com/offer/binge-on-streaming-video.html. The on-optimization binge technology is not applied to the video services of these providers and the consumption of high-speed data continues as if Binge On were not activated. For more information on video optimization, check out our open internet policy at www.T-Mobile.com/OpenInternet. This is a very personal subject that will be different for everyone. The reason mobile operators give you 30-day returns is to let you know if their network works for you.

Sometimes they don`t have a blanket in your neighborhood, and sometimes you only live in a dead zone (and every carrier has it).

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