Enthusiastic Agreement


All marital conflicts are opportunities to negotiate. And if done correctly, most marital problems are relatively easy to solve with the common agreement policy. But I have received many letters asking me if this policy is reasonable. Can we expect a man and a woman to agree on everything? And enthusiastic? So I posted the heading “With problems with the common agreement policy”? This rule teaches couples to become thoughtful and sensitive to each other`s feelings when they don`t feel like that. If both spouses follow this policy, they avoid all Love Busters because they don`t agree on anything that hurts one of them. Demands, disrespect and anger are eliminated because even negotiation strategies must be agreed upon and no one likes the recipient of abuse. Boring behaviours are eliminated, because if one spouse finds a boring behaviour or activity of the other, in accordance with the directive, this cannot be done. It even eliminates dishonesty, because a lie is certainly not something you would enthusiastically agree with. It helps plug holes in the love bank pass, which cause most couples to drift into loveless incompatibility. But as soon as they start following politics, it becomes easier and easier to reach an agreement. When they eject their thoughtless habits and activities one after the other, they replace them with habits and activities that take into account each other`s feelings. This is the purpose of compatibility – to build a pleasant lifestyle for both spouses.

When they create a lifestyle that they all enjoy and appreciate, they incorporate compatibility into their weddings. It also requires couples to negotiate fairly. The policy itself prevents both spouses from making unilateral decisions about anything, so they must discuss every decision they make before action can be taken. Applications are not possible because they do not have to find an enthusiastic agreement – they have to force one spouse to lose so that the other can win. The same goes for disrespectful judgments and furious escapes. What role do these Love Busters play in a discussion where the lens is enthusiastic? In their place, each spouse learns to make requests and express opinions, while respecting the opinions of the other spouse. The folly and stupidity of demands, disrespect and anger are clearly demonstrated when a mutually enthusiastic agreement is your goal. In this brief introduction to the policy of common agreement, I presented a broad panorama of what it is, why it is so important in marriage and as you should apply it in your marriage. But there are a lot of details that I let out of this introduction, which I describe in more detail in the Q-A section of this site. To facilitate the search for these columns and answer some of the questions you may have right now, I will describe some of the questions most relevant to the subject and negotiate with the policy of common agreement.

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