(a) One or more domestic or foreign partnerships may accept an interest-sharing plan whereby a domestic or foreign partnership acquires all the current partnership interests of one or more domestic partnerships in exchange for cash or securities of the national or foreign partnership acquiring, when: (1) “General Partner” refers to a partner in partnership and a komplenurn partner in a limited partnership. (d) Unless otherwise stipulated in the provisions of p. 29-603.06, the partners of that party contribute, immediately before the merger came into force, the amount necessary to meet that party`s obligations to the surviving company and provisions 29-608.07, as if the merged party were dissolved. (1) It is contrary to an explicit provision of the partnership agreement; or dissociation does not necessarily lead to dissolution. In an at-Will partnership, death (including the dismissal of an enterprise partner), bankruptcy, incapacity to work or exclusion of a partner does not result in any dissolution. RUPA, sections 601 and 801. As part of a long-term partnership, the company continues if, within 90 days of an event triggering dissociation, less than half of the partners express their willingness to conclude. The partnership agreement may provide that RUPA`s dissolution events, including dissociation, do not trigger dissolution. However, the agreement cannot change the rules that dissolution is caused by the fact that the business becomes illegal or by order of the court. The company`s creditors remain as before and the successor partner is responsible for the social economy obligations that arise before the dissolution. (a) After dissolution, a partner who has not unduly distanced himself may file a dissolution declaration indicating the name of the partnership, and that the partnership has been dissolved and dissolved its activities and affairs. (A) the partnership encourages the applicant to receive a notification in a note indicating that the application is rejected and denied, unless the applicant initiates an action against the company to assert the claim no later than 90 days after receiving the notification; and (e) a merger declaration filed and, if applicable, registered, executed and declared correct in accordance with the provisions of Directive 29-601.05 C, indicating the name of a company participating in the merger on whose behalf the property was held prior to the merger, as well as the name of the surviving partnership, but does not contain all other information required at point b) of this section. , applies to partnerships in subsections (c) and (d) in this section.

(g) The submission of a declaration of recognition specifies that a partnership meets all the requirements for the partnership to qualify as a single limited partnership. (a) A limited partnership is not authorized to distribute, including an after-distribution. 29-608.08, if after distribution: (2) Except otherwise in . 29-608.10 (d), a claim may be made against a partner or assignee to the extent of that person`s proportionate share in the dissolution or wealth of the company distributed to the transferred partner or assets. , according to the smallest amount, a person`s total liability for all claims covered in this paragraph may not exceed the total amount of assets distributed to the person after dissolution; and a partnership will only be continued after dissolution for the purpose of winding up its activities.

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