Website Content License Agreement


(iii) an unlimited number of impressions, but only in a modified or derivative form, for online, electronic and mobile publications and mobile applications, including websites and advertising, advertising and editorial projects, up to a maximum of 1920 x 1080 pixels for image or illustration content and 1920×1080 pixels for video content (regardless of the resolution of content available for downloading the site) (unlimited copies). (f) The PICTURE Pantry relies on Artist Members` assurances and guarantees regarding the content and compliance with THE PICTURE PANTRY requirements, including non-counterfeiting of content, and THE PICTURE PANTRY does not have the right or ability to control content for the purposes of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act or any third-party liability against THE PICTURE PANTRY. THE PICTURE PANTRY does not act as an agent for members of the artist who concede content or users who use the content and does not guarantee the quality, title or legality of the content or the veracity of the lists associated with the content, unless expressly stated in this Section 9. Therefore, except for claims arising from THE PICTURE PANTRY`s breach of subsection warranties (a), you irrevocably and unconditionally release all claims, claims and damages (actual and continuing damages) that you may or are implicating against THE PICTURE PANTRY with respect to or as a result of the purchase of a license for the content or use of the content. (n) use content covering a model over the age of 18 in a way that represents that person in a potentially sensitive object from the perspective of a reasonable person; including unspoken sexual activity or activities, HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, promotion of smoking, political references or any involvement of the model in immoral or illegal activities. The only exception to this restriction is for all content for which it is clear that the purpose of the image is to transmit such a sensitive use. Each time the user member downloads and concedes content, the user member agrees to pay all fees and charges related to the order and that all these fees and fees as well as additional amounts (including taxes and late fees, if applicable) are charged to a credit card or any other method of payment of the user member. If no credit card has been provided, the user member agrees to pay the full amount charged to the user member within 30 days. The user member pays THE PICTURE Pantry a sublicensing fee under THE PICTURE Pantry`s standard payment and price rules. Unrestricted, the user member is responsible for reporting and paying taxes on his license and the use of content.

Subject to and in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Lens Distortions grants you, by licensing a product or piece of music, limited law and license, non-exclusive, non-transferable, global, to modify and use digital content in accordance with the terms of the agreement and the corresponding product license or music license. You recognize and accept that Lens Distortions is and remains the owner of all rights, titles and interests of digital content, including and without limitation of all copyrights.

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