Usda Forest Service Master Agreement


Rollout of Good Neighbor Authority Agreement Templates (July 10-13, 2015) The newly approved Good Neighbor Authority (GNA), which is being expanded in the Agricultural Act of 2014 (Farm Bill) and the FY 2014 Consolidated Appropriations Act, allows the U.S. Forest Service to cooperate with states to conduct restoration projects across federal borders. Contract models used to implement projects under the GNA required approval of the Documentwork Reduction Act (PRA). The PRA process has enabled the forest service to develop and improve contract projects with state forests and other partners. Draft agreements have been approved by the Administrative and Budget Office and can be used with states to begin implementing projects under the GNA. Proposals for agreements were presented and discussed at this peer-learning meeting (which was held twice). I am pleased to announce the conclusion of a new master contract between the Forestry Office and the National Association of Federal Employees. The master`s contract defines the rights of employees, union representatives and management and sets out the procedures to be followed for matters relating to working conditions. The new agreement (internal link) will come into force on 13 September 2019 and will replace the Masteragrement 2016-2019.

The new masteragrement preserves the obligation of management and the Union to cooperate to identify problems and solve problems affecting workers. NFFE President Melissa Baumann expressed optimism about the new agreement: “As my colleague Ken Dinsmore reminds me, we have achieved what many thought impossible. But only time will tell how much the agency`s management appreciates the union`s role in representing workers under this new agreement. Our employees are our greatest asset in preserving the health, diversity and productivity of the country`s forests and grasslands to meet the needs of current and future generations. The new master contract reflects recent changes to federal tariff policy, but continues the Forest Service`s commitment to maintaining constructive and cooperative relationships with our union colleagues. As management and the union work together to adapt our working relationship as part of the new master`s degree, we are committed to living our core values as a service agency for staff and the interdependence between staff and forest service management. Since 2017, collective agreement law and federal sector policy have changed dramatically, including four executive orders.

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