Unpaid Internship Agreement Letter


“confidential information,” information and physical material that is not known or available outside the company, as well as information and physical equipment entrusted to the company with confidence by third parties. Confidential information includes, without restriction: (i) corporate inventions (as defined below); (ii) technical data, trade secrets, know-how, research, product or service ideas or plans, software codes and projects, developments, inventions, laboratory notes, processes, formulas, techniques, biological materials, masking, design and drawings, information on hardware configuration, lists or information about company staff, trainees and advisors (including, but not limited to names) , contact information, workplaces, remuneration and expertise of these employees and consultants), but not just to the clients of the company you called with or with whom you were aware during the internship), price list, pricing methods, cost data, market share data, marketing plans, licenses, contractual information, business plans, financial forecasts , historical financial data, budgets or other business information that is communicated to you directly or indirectly by the Company, whether in writing, electronically, orally or by observation. CONSIDERING that the trainee wants an internship to gain knowledge, experience, training, training in the company industry; 6.2. The copyright of the software developed by the trainee as part of the organization of the internship is transferred to the company without compensation and without restrictions. The copyright on the other creations produced by the intern during the internship is also the property of the company. Without restriction, the company has the right to modify the works transferred to the company and the company is fully authorized to transfer these rights to third parties. In addition, the company is not required to make use of these rights. CONSIDERING that companies are ready to grant an in-house internship; 4.1. The internship is linked to an educational and therefore unpaid purpose.

At the conclusion of this agreement, the parties agree that neither party can rely on previous statements that are not taken into account in this agreement. Effective date: Your internship starts on the start date and ends on the end date. Accord At-Will: Your internship in the company is “At-Will”. Therefore, this letter should not be construed or interpreted as guaranteeing a certain amount or type of compensation, the continuation of an internship or future employment. Therefore, the recitation of certain periods in this letter serves exclusively to define this internship. You or the company can terminate this agreement at any time by providing a written notification (including by email) to the other party. Each time the agreement ceases, the copyright and confidentiality assignments section applies below for an indefinite period. Representations: You represent that: (1) You are not a party to an agreement that would prohibit you from participating in an internship or employment with the company; (2) No trade secrets or proprietary information belonging to your former employers are disclosed by you in the company and that no such information, whether in the form of documents, memorandums, software, drawings, etc., will be kept by you or brought with you to the company; and (3) you brought the company to the attention of the company and provided it with a copy of an agreement, a court order or administrative authority or a similar purpose that may affect your internship in the company, including, but not limited to, confidentiality, non-competition, non-invitation, patent or private property rights. , either domestic or foreign, or invention transfer agreements that include future restrictions on work.

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