Liasioning Agent Agreement Format


16. Any party may terminate the contract in writing to the other party with a period of three months. Accounts between the parties are settled within three months of the Agency`s closing date and are permanently adjusted. Consultant agrees that Consultant will not provide similar services to a person of a person engaged in business activities of [TYPE], counties and the state [STATE/PROVINCE] for a period [2] years after the end of this agreement. AN ARRANGEMENT MADE UP OF… Day of…………. BETWEEN ABC – Co. Ltd., headquartered in… and manufacturers of…….. (hereafter referred to as “manufacturer”) of a part and op LN wires residing in……….. (hereafter referred to as “agent”) of the other party. 1.

The manufacturer wants a Commission agent for the sale of…. appoint agents of the Commission he manufactures. 9. Plenipotentiaries transmit the correctors through (i) all the goods they receive; (ii) all contracts they have received; (iii) the indication of all sales; (iv) other transactions and (v) all funds they receive and spend for and on behalf of the goods of each quarter to the company during the first week of each quarter. The company has the right to check the accounts with the accounts. 9. This in the event of termination of the contract, either by time or by the effect of time. The manufacturer is not required to pay commissions on orders received thereafter. 15. The company may terminate this contract if the agents do not comply with the terms of this contract or satisfy the sale of the company`s products. The company`s position is final in this regard.

However, the company gives representatives one month`s notice to make a statement as to why the company intends to terminate the contract. 7. This agreement applies for a period of one year from the opening date of the agreement and, during that period, the representative for similar products may not seek advertising means or act as a seller for other manufacturers. The Advisor acknowledges that the disclosure of confidential information will cause irreparable harm to the company or the owner of such information, which cannot be adequately remunerated in the event of injury. After that, the company or such another party may apply for and obtain protection against the violation or threat of violation of the above obligations, in addition to any other remedies that may be available. The Advisor also acknowledges and acknowledges that, in the event of termination of this agreement, his experience and skills are likely to enable him to benefit from a consulting agreement or employment in activities that are either of a different nature or of a contrary nature to competition with his business consulting activity, or (2) in another geographical location; and that the execution of a referral appeal does not prevent him from deserving a suitable life. If this consulting agreement with the company ends for any reason, the advisor will not have a business relationship for a period of two years from the date of termination, neither directly, nor indirectly, with a client or client of the company or its subsidiaries or a person or film with whom the advisor has contacted in the course of his consulting activities to the company; and the advisor will maintain the strictest confidence for the duration of the agreement and after the termination of this contract and will not disclose any person, company or company for the duration of this contract or use it directly for its own benefit or for the benefit of others; any information that, in good conscience, should be treated as confidential information, including, but not limited to, information about the software developed by the company, sources and agreements relating to the equipment provided to the company`s customers or customers, the company`s bidding and proposal procedures, customer or contact lists, or other confidential information, or business secrets that respect the company`s activities or business that the advisor has in relation to or as a result of the company`s services.

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